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Polish Nephrology and Dialysis is the official journal of the Polish Society of Nephrology. The mission of the journal is to create a platform for scientific exchange, to present progress in the field of nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplantation, and to provide information on diagnostics, therapeutics and prophylaxis in kidney diseases based on the current medical knowledge, the latest standards and expert positions.

Polish Nephrology and Dialysis is published quarterly.

Polish Nephrology and Dialysis publishes original research, reviews, case reports, working group papers – on invitation only, guidelines – on invitation only and letters to Editor.

In the NephroEdu section, edited jointly with the Young Nephrologists’ Club of the Polish Society of Nephrology, educational papers are published, addressed mainly to nephrologists in-training (on invitation of the Editorial Office only).

The journal publishes papers in the field of basic science, clinical medicine, education, public health and health policy in nephrology, dialysis and kidney transplantation.

There are no submission fees, publication fees or page charges for this journal. 



The Editorial Board of Polish Nephrology and Dialysis takes publication and research ethics very seriously. Authors should observe highest ethical standards with respect to principles set out by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Falsification or fabrication of data, plagiarism and self-plagiarism, and misappropriation of work are unacceptable practices. All cases of ethical misconduct will be considered with respect to recommendations of COPE and ICMJE and the Polish law. If an ethical misconduct is detected after publication of the article, the committee appointed by the Editor-in-Chief will investigate the case, which may result in the retraction of the article if confirmed.


The copyright to the submitted article is owned by the Author who grants the Polish Nephrology and Dialysis a license to use, reproduce and disseminate the article, also for commercial purposes. The author must read and fully accept the License Terms at the time of submission. In the absence of such consent, the Editorial Office cannot commence any procedures, including the review process.


The participation of each author in the preparation of the work should be sufficient for the author to take responsibility for the content of the paper. All authors should make a significant contribution to all or at least one of the following: 1. Conception and design 2. Data collection 3. Data analysis and interpretation, including statistical analysis 4. Manuscript preparation 5. Literature review 6. Critical evaluation and acceptance of the manuscript. Collaborators and other persons who contributed to the work but do not meet the above criteria should be listed in the Acknowledgments section. All authors should approve the final version of the article prior to submission. After the work is accepted for publication, it will not be possible to remove the author or add other people to the list of authors or change the order of authors.


Authors must report any conflicts of interest at the time. Fees for lectures, consultations, participation in advisory groups, sponsorship of participation in congresses or participation in a clinical trials should be declared. Conflict of interest is declared during the submission of work via the online system by sending a scan of a self-completed and signed Conflict of Interest Form. Each author fills in a form (e.g. 6 authors, 6 separate forms).


All submitted articles are initially evaluated by the Editorial Team. Papers that receive a positive opinion at this stage are sent for review. Articles that do not meet the Instruction for Authors criteria are sent back to the authors for correction with respect to these regulations.

After accepting the work, the Corresponding Author will receive proofs by e-mail. The Corresponding Author is obliged to check, make necessary corrections and send proofs back via the journal’s website within 72 hours of its receipt.

Average time from submission to first decision is 5 days, from submission to first reviews – 14 days and from acceptance to final publication – 90 days.



Word count: maximum 4000 words including an abstract of 300 words (abstract divided into sections) but excluding references, tables and figures

8 figures or tables

Keywords: maximum 5

References: maximum 50


Word count: maximum 5000 words including abstract of 300 words (abstract not divided into sections) but excluding references, tables and figures

8 figures or tables

Keywords: maximum 5

References: maximum 100


Word count: maximum 3000 words including abstract of 200 words (abstract not divided into sections) but excluding references, tables and figures

10 figures or tables

Keywords: maximum 5

References: maximum 30


Word count: maximum 1000 words excluding references, tables and figures

1 figure or 1 table

No abstract and keywords 

References: maximum 15


One image. 

Word count: maximum 300 words. 

References: maximum 5. 

No abstract and keywords. Up to two authors may be credited with each NephroIMAGE submission.


Manuscripts may be submitted in Polish or English, although the Editorial Board recommends submitting papers in English.

The text of the manuscript should be prepared using Microsoft Word application, Times New Roman font, 12 points, double line spacing, 2.5 cm margins.

Tables should also be prepared using Microsoft Word application, Times New Roman table text, 12 points. Each table should be uploaded in a separate file.

Figures should be submitted as jpeg. or png. files; each figure as a separate file.

Only recommended international nonproprietary names (rINN) of drugs are accepted in manuscripts.


1. Title page

Manuscript title (in Polish and English for manuscripts submitted in Polish; only in English for manuscripts in English)

List of authors

Affiliations of all authors

Authors’ contribution (see above)

Corresponding author’s contact details (first or last author)

2. Abstract and keywords

Abstract divided or not divided into sections (Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Conclusion) depending on the type of article – see above

(in Polish and English for manuscripts submitted in Polish; only in English for English-language manuscripts)

Keywords (in Polish and English for in Polish; only in English for entries in English)

3. Introduction
4. Materials and methods
5. Results
6. Discussion
7. Acknowledgments (here information on funding to be provided).
8. References

The authors of the paper are responsible for correct citation of each publication. The reference list should include the full title of the cited item, a list of authors (up to first 3, next authors described as “et al.”, if the publication has exactly 4 authors, all names should be cited), the abbreviation of the journal name or the name of the publisher (for books), year of publication, issue number, page range. For the preparation of the reference list the Vancouver system (author-number system) should be used.


journal articles

Brown RS, Sun MRM, Stillman IE et al. The utility of magnetic resonance imaging for noninvasive evaluation of diabetic nephropathy. Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2020; 35; 970-978.


Rang HP, Dale MM, Ritter JM, Moore PK. Pharmacology. 5th ed. Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone; 2003.

9. List of abbreviations.
10. Legends of tables.
11. Legends of figures.